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  • Murugappan Meiyappan

Why Times of India Makes Event Capsule Videos (And You Should Too)

Event videos are the norm of the day. Be it a book launch, a seminar, a food festival, having the entire event’s highlights captured in a five-minute video is such a neat idea, don’t you think?

These capsules go beyond just inducing a fear of missing out among non-attendees. They’re also super handy in boosting a brand's social media presence. Event Capsule videos are a great alternative to boring PowerPoint slides when you’re doing sales pitches for similar events (and, in some cases, future editions of the same event.)

The best part about working with CreatHives is the passion they bring to the table. Every year, we're actually looking forward to see what this year's after-movie looks like; what this year's surprise element is going to be. We've worked with them for three years in a row and are are looking forward to many more to come.

- Vinie Alex, General Manager, Advertising and Media (Times Group)

Time and again, CreatHives has gone back to cover a wide range of events for Times of India. Our association with Times of India began even before CreatHives was registered as a Private Limited. We spearheaded the ‘Footpath? My Foot’ campaign for Bangalore Mirror and the ‘Vote Maadi’ campaign for Times of India in a creative capacity. In particular, CreatHives has been covering Times of India LitFest for three consecutive years now. Here's what Rejith Nath from Times Group had to say about us.

The kind of experiences that we've had [with CreatHives] in terms of exploration, coming up with new ideas [tailor-made to suit the hosting brands] and visual effects has been fantastic!

- Rejith Nath, Events Marketing and Operations BCCL (Times Group)

LitFest is one of India’s largest festivals of its kind, bringing together storytellers, authors, and book-lovers. Over the last couple of years, Chetan Bhagat, Shabana Azmi, Anuja Chauhan, Devdutt Pattanaik and many more writers have been in attendance. Apart from writers, each LitFest has also seen many accomplished individuals from diverse spheres - music, TV, film industry, to name a few. Bengaluru’s quaint February charm and CreatHives capturing the festivities on film are the only commonalities though.

With every edition of the festival having a unique vibe, CreatHives has delivered tailor-made videos in under five business days for each of them. They love our work, and we love creating content for them.

Working behind the camera with each LitFest has been better than the last. Simply because rarely do we get to cover events we would gladly spend all our time at anyway! Imagine having to interview authors of highest acclaim, and getting to do it for work. It feels almost like a privilege. This is why I love the work we do at CreatHives.

- Rajesh Manjunath, Co-Founder, CreatHives  

In keeping with LitFest’s love for storytelling, we bring you the event capsule video of LitFest 2019, a CreatHives story.

To watch the event capsule videos of LitFest 2017 and 2018, check out CreatHives' event capsule playlist on YouTube.

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