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Think your product can speak for itself? Learn how to make compelling Product Videos

There’s little left to say in 2020 about how video marketing is one of, if not the most important aspect of your brand’s marketing strategy. While videos highlighting your work culture, corporate social responsibility efforts, and event capsules certainly help in building your brand’s image – there’s nothing as effective as aesthetically-made videos which simply showcase your products. This holds especially true for electronics, consumer goods, part-manufacturers and luxury brands.

What’s about to follow is not an all-encompassing guide to making compelling product videos, but just a few pointers for small businesses to get started in the right direction.

Show Your Products in Good Light

Lighting matters. There’s no two ways about it. Actually, there are multiple ways about it: if your light source is too close to the product, it increases the contrast. If the lighting is too harsh, it sets the wrong mood for delicate products. Know the mood you’re setting out to achieve, read up on three-point lighting, and play around with the lights till what’s on the viewfinder reflects what’s on your mind’s eye.

Long-Distance Doesn’t Always Work

This is as good a video marketing tip as it is relationship advice. Show your audience the product: up close and personal. Extreme close-ups, however, should be minimized: if your video only shows the parts in extreme detail and not the whole, the viewer might think the design of the product is shabby.

Image extracted from a video we made for Lamda Components showcasing their LED bulbs.
Image extracted from a video we made for Lamda Components showcasing their LED bulbs.

Psst, Look Around

What surrounds your product is almost as important as your product itself. Put on your art director hat and think of the things you can throw in there to style up your product. Do note that these props are supposed to elevate the product you’re showcasing but shouldn’t call for much attention to itself. If all this seems a bit much, y’know, you can always hire some experts.

We added texture to this Diamond Necklace from CKC Jewellers by throwing in some high-fashion elements.

Move it, Move it (But don’t Shake it, Shake it)

Dynamic shots make for interesting viewing. Using sliders, rigs, and gimbals whenever possible gives your video that professional touch you’re going for. However, if you don’t have the equipment that supports smooth movement, or if you’ve made a proactive choice to use static camera angles instead, be creative about it. For reference, here’s a video we shot for CKC Jewellers where the camera didn’t move an inch throughout the shoot.

All it takes to make a compelling product video is some meticulous planning before the shoot, and a team that can manage to think on their feet to counter the last-minute restrictions that are more or less inevitable.

If your organization has the resources to carry out this task internally, we wish you the best and hope this article helped. However, if you think you need some external expertise and a cost-effective way to go about the whole ordeal, you can reach out to us at CreatHives.

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