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  • Murugappan Meiyappan

Crafting Corporate Social Responsibility Videos that Actually Make a Difference

Last week, a CSR video CreatHives made for Pai International covering their 14th Annual Book Donation Camp at Siddaganga Mutt reached an organic traffic of over 4,50,000+ views on Facebook.

While every individual has a different cause they might champion, it's important for companies of considerable scale to carry out corporate social responsibility activities to raise awareness among their employees as well as customers. Internal communication can help raise awareness among employees; however, an engaging and visually-arresting video capsule is the best-suited medium for showcasing said CSR initiatives in social media.

Taking the organization's expertise in the social purpose and it's relevance to their respective field, and combining it with the video expertise that comes from involving a player like CreatHives, is how videos that are sure to make an impact are crafted. Impact, not just in terms of views, but also ensuring more donations and volunteers to whichever cause is being championed.

It's worth noting that some of our employees have previously worked in the social sector and can help conceptualize, execute, and deliver truly phenomenal videos that actually serve their purpose. If your organization would like to leverage CreatHives' expertise, drop in and say hi. Let's make a difference.



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